I founded Creatively Focused in 2016 with the intention to empower educators with innovative and intentional strategies and skills to do the meaningful and critical work of improving outcomes for students. Throughout the last two years, I have built a team of educators committed to this same intention.


So, you might be wondering, who are we? 


We were the students who were the hyper kids in the classroom. Even so, we were still just kids. We were the kids who needed teachers who could see beyond our behavior. We needed teachers who could create a safe place for us to learn; teachers who worked to build relationships with us on trust. We were the students who needed a place to grow to thrive and grown-ups to see us as whole people.


We were the researchers who observed the teachers of these students. We sought to find methods to help them feel confident, creative and empowered to do what was right for the students who needed it most. We studied their challenges and found methods to help them trust their instincts, to find energy when they were burning out and to fearlessly try something new or different in their classrooms. We studied their support systems and identified the needs for work groups (that actually work) where teachers could share ideas and bring them to life. We were the researchers that saw the whole teacher, their needs and how to help them create a safe space for their students – and themselves.


We were the teachers who stumbled through landscape where special education is often invisible. We were the teachers who had to be more than teachers. Our students were always our first thought, but they were often an afterthought to the rest of the world. We were the teachers who felt misunderstood and isolated in our classrooms, serving the underserved and teaching in every direction. We were strategists whose classroom extended to parents, colleagues and administrators. We were the teachers who had a different definition of “bad day”; who measured victories by minutes and goals by years. We were the teachers who fought for the support we needed, because we were the teachers who wanted to create a safe space for our students.


We were the administrators who were frustrated with our hands being full with new responsibilities that put distance between us and our students. Who were challenged with complex needs at every level – meeting regulatory requirements, advocating for teachers, serving parents, keeping kids in focus and not losing touch. We were the administrators who struggled with the new realities of learning what it means to be a manager, a leader and a supervisor in addition to an educator. More often than not, we learned the ropes the hard way, defining our role and identity on top of our workload. We were the administrators whose responsibilities reached beyond the work day in every direction. But we never gave up finding new ways to create a safe space for our students, their parents and our staff.

My work at Creatively Focused inspires me to make a difference in student and teacher lives. I am thrilled at the opportunity to work with so many schools and be surrounded by excellent educators each day!



Elizabeth Orme
Founder & C.E.O.