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Connecting Special Educators to Their Strengths

We provide special education professionals with the support they need to get time back in their day—so they can focus on what’s truly important.

Our Vision in Action

We increase the retention rate of special educators by intentionally providing the innovative, easy-to-use resources needed to do the meaningful work that’s most important to them. Through our resource community for special educators, axis3, we work with school districts across the U.S. to bring teachers, paraprofessionals, and administrators the relief they didn’t know was possible in their careers.

Student holding up a kaleidoscope alongside

Creatively Focused on Your Priorities

Creatively Focused started as one special education administrator’s drawing on a whiteboard after a day of being challenged in her job on every level – meeting regulatory requirements, advocating for teachers, serving parents, keeping kids in focus, and not losing touch.

The drawing was what one would see looking through a kaleidoscope–each piece representing a different piece of special education teaching and programming. Every special educator has the same glass pieces in their kaleidoscope, yet sees a different image–they need to shake it up until they feel the image has settled and looks beautiful to them.

After years spent researching, observing, leading, and teaching in the field, we launched axis3. It is powered by passionate educators like you who want to more easily navigate the complex, daily demands of special education–so your career can feel settled and beautiful in your own way.