Special Education Funding Sources – Creatively Focused

Wondering about special education funding sources?

Want to do big things in special education? Here are some ways that you could pay for them:


  • Federal 419 IDEA Part B Regular 611
    • Available for traditional and charter districts (smaller charters have very limited funds)
    • Intermediate districts do not receive federal 419 funds
    • Funds are available after the district has satisfied MOE requirements, and the district has 27 months to use or lose these dollars


  • Federal 140 ARP IDEA Part B
    • American Rescue Plan funds (COVID-related)
    • Districts who receive Federal 419 funds also receive Federal 140
    • Treated as a second helping of Federal 419 funds with largely the same rules that apply for appropriate use.  A district should try to make the case that the use is tied in some way to COVID-related purposes.  Due process paperwork and training fits, as it’s in our resource library.
    • Funds are available for the FY22 and FY23 school year (spent by Sept 2023)


  • ESSER Funds
    • Federal ARP is the sped version and falls under this umbrella, but there are “general ed” ESSER funds available too, and some districts are having a hard time spending these down.
    • ESSER I must be spent by Sept 2022
    • ESSER II must be spent by Sept 2023


  • 740 State Special Ed Aid
    • Since it’s a non-instructional program, this would be non-reimbursable via state aid, HOWEVER, it would count toward maintenance of effort (MOE) if a district is short on fed funds or needs the expense to be on state to help with a MOE issue.


  • Grants (various)
    • There might be a grant available to fund what you are looking for.