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Creatively Focused founder Elizabeth Orme.

Passionate People Supporting Passionate People

I started teaching special education with an incredible amount of energy and commitment to helping students with disabilities feel successful. While the commitment to the students never changed, my energy level did. I felt like I was always searching for a certain type of support throughout my work days – OK, and work nights!

axis3 is everything I wish I would have had as a special education teacher. A space to know I could manage the black and white to-dos (paperwork), while also receiving direct support from someone who truly understood my role as a special educator when the times felt hard. Something that would make my work feel sustainable. Somewhere to help my energy stay high so I could be my very best self for my students and the teachers I led. It would remind me…

I am valued.
I am an expert.
I am connected.

We’re here for you to remind you of this while you create major impact on students’ lives. Thank you for the incredible work you show up to do each day.

Elizabeth Orme
Founder & CEO

Our People are Our Culture

Are you passionate about creating safe, creative spaces for students, teachers, and administrators? Do you live to innovate, think outside the box, and bring your ideas to life? We may have a career for you. At Creatively Focused our people are our culture –and we’re always looking for talented, driven individuals to help us support the world of special education as it continually changes.

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