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The Simpler Way To Manage & Support Special Educators

Simplify workflow management and administrative tasks with Creatively Focused. Our collaborative approach and technology streamline tasks & deadlines – transforming complex processes into simple, sustainable solutions.

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Where Heart Meets Mind

Feeling overwhelmed by paperwork and regulatory tasks? We know how important it is to connect the heartwork and the brainwork that goes into special education. That’s why Creatively Focused helps special education teams cut through the clutter. Streamline workflows, automate tasks, and stay organized, so you can spend less time on the work that bogs you down and focus more time on what matters most – your students’ success.

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axis3 – The Ultimate Hub for Special Education Teams

  • Streamline workflows, and enhance training, education, and professional learning all in one place.
  • Save time and money by consolidating all your learning needs for special educators in a single location. 
  • Reduce planning and administrative tasks to focus more on achieving your strategic goals

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How We Help

Creatively Focused is your dedicated partner for long-term special education support. We ensure your special education professionals feel valued, connected, and recognized as the experts they are, fostering a lifelong, fulfilling career fueled by purpose and meaningful work!



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Sara Pratt, Director of Special Services

Northfield Public Schools
Creatively Focused embodies what it means to be a true partner. The platform has been incredibly simple to both implement and use, making it easy for our staff to get up and running. Working with Creatively Focused has also proven to be financially beneficial for our district, enabling us to be more cost-effective. Thanks to Creatively Focused, our staff has the resources they need at their fingertips – requesting additional support less often because they are finding the answers to their questions in axis3!

Special Education Administrator

Trauma-Informed Behavior Prevention and Response Strategies
I think this training should be taught to all Teachers and Educational Assistants in order to better serve our students and to enable the Teacher and EA to be 'on the same page.' 

Sarah McGuire, Executive Director

Cannon Valley Special Education Cooperative
Creatively Focused and axis3 are major contributors to my work-life balance.

Feedback from Special Education Teachers

axis3 users
I cant imagine doing my job without axis3. Information presented is clear and not overwhelming. I wish I had this as a new teacher!

Kari Veldman, Special Education Director

Clinton CUSD #15
Creatively Focused has been hands down the best experience I've ever had working with a partner. All of the PD gets planned, scheduled, communicated, and completed without me needing to do anything.

Cheryl Hall, Director of Special Services

Northfield Public Schools
Creatively Focused brought much-needed support to our district at a critical time. They didn't just guide us; they equipped us with tools for our educators to thrive, feel connected, and improve consistency of application. Their expertise provided a concrete action plan that aligned with, and met our district’s strategic vision. Taking these deliberate steps moved us toward our goals to provide quality service to both educators and their students.
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Created by Special Education Professionals For Special Education Professionals

At Creatively Focused, we’ve been in your shoes. We are here to help you feel connected and supported in the world of special education as it changes around you—so that you can cut down the time spent on busy work and keep doing the job you love for the reason you love it—the students.

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