Creatively Focused is a professional services and consulting company providing support in the area of special education to school districts The vision of Creatively Focused is to increase the retention rate of special educators by intentionally providing them with the practical tools and strategies needed to do the meaningful and critical work of improving student outcomes. Through virtual and in-person services, Creatively Focused works with school districts across the U.S. by identifying the challenges being faced, creating a roadmap to achieve success, and providing tailored and on-going support through full implementation.


Here are some examples of the services and support we provide to school districts.


Special Education Teacher Virtual Coaching
Behavior Specialist Consulting
Business & Clerical Services
Special Education Directorship
Due Process Review & Training
Program Audits
New Teacher Cohorts
Paraprofessional Cohorts & Coaching
Pre-Referral & MTSS
Professional Development & Training
Covid-19 Distance Learning Support