Elizabeth Orme, Ed.S.

Founder & CEO

Emily Cooley Dobbins

Executive Director of School Services

Colleen Schatz

Director of Leadership and Culture & Lead Director of Special Education

Dave Haveman

Director of School & Partner Engagement and Director of Special Education

Alyssa Prince

Lead School Psychologist & Pre-Referral Specialist

Mandy Kasowicz

Director of Special Education

Kelly Semlak

Due Process Specialist & Assistant Director of Special Education

Crystal Wolfgram

Assistant Director of Special Education

Sarah Olson

Section 504 Coordinator, Special Education Supervisor, and Due Process Specialist

Kelsey Kiefer

Assistant Director of Special Education

Brittany Turner

Behavior Specialist and Federal III Program Specialist

Ariel Larpenteur

Special Education Growth Coach

Libbey Stettner

School Service Administrative Assistant & School Office Support Specialist

Becky Vavrichek

Project Manager & Efficiency Coordinator

Kalin Schoephoerster

Special Education Growth Coach & Lead Resource Developer

Matt Lasure

Business Office Specialist

Shannon Hady

Executive Assistant & School Support Trainer

Stephanie Betley

Assistant Director of Special Education and DD/PI/ASD Consultant

Jennifer Korolewski

School Psychologist

Christine Lusignan

Behavioral Specialist

Andrea Lahti

Special Education Growth Coach

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