Making the Most of Your Summer as an Educator - Creatively Focused

Making the Most of Your Summer as an Educator

Summer break offers a well-deserved chance to recharge, reflect, and focus on whatever is most important for you. There is no right or wrong way to spend your well-earned summer! Relaxation is super important. Some of you also use this time as an opportunity to explore new ideas, enhance teaching skills, and create an enriching experience for the upcoming school year. What is on your summer bucket list?

Below is a list tailored specifically for those of you that are wanting to embrace it in this way. This bucket list will ensure a productive and balanced summer that nurtures your passion for teaching!


1. Reflect and Revise:
Take time to reflect on the previous school year. Celebrate successes, identify areas for improvement, and make a list of things to continue, discard, or implement in the future. Focus on a priority area, whether it’s teaching methods, curriculum, or student engagement strategies. Set goals and revise lesson plans accordingly.


2. Pursue Professional Development:
Take charge of your own learning by choosing meaningful professional development opportunities. Attend conferences, workshops, or online courses that align with your interests and goals. Enhancing your knowledge and skills will invigorate your teaching approach. Do you need some ideas on finding meaningful professional development? Check out our blog: How to Pursue Meaningful Professional Development Opportunities.



3. Create a Classroom Vision Board:
Tap into your creativity and design a vision board for your classroom. Visualize the learning environment you aspire to create and gather images, quotes, and ideas that represent your goals. This visual reminder will keep you motivated and focused when the new school year begins.


4. Explore Educational Technology:
Use the summer break to familiarize yourself with educational technology tools and platforms. Identify technologies that can enhance your teaching and engage students. Now is a great time to sign-up for axis3 and familiarize yourself with our resources, learning, and support!



5. Cultivate a Healthy Work-Life Balance:
Prioritize self-care to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Engage in activities that bring you joy and relaxation, such as hobbies, physical exercise, spending quality time with loved ones, and exploring mindfulness practices. Nurturing your well-being will contribute to a positive classroom environment.


Summer can offer a valuable opportunity to grow personally and professionally, while also finding balance and rejuvenation. Reflect, refine, and reignite your passion for teaching this summer! And, if it feels right, embrace this summer bucket list. We hope you make the most of your summer break, and return to the classroom with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Happy Summer, everyone!


Written by Alyssa Prince, Systems Manager