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Mastering Behavior Management: A Guide to axis3’s Expert Courses and Resources

Today, more than ever, educators face the challenge of understanding and effectively addressing student behavior. Disciplinary action is only half the battle. The key lies in creating an environment where students and their teachers feel supported and valued.


To make it happen, educators require more than just theories and techniques. They need a robust toolkit and a solid support system that incorporates the varied experiences, skills, and viewpoints of teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, support staff, and parents.


By coming together, educators can better comprehend the many factors influencing a student’s behavior and develop strategies to address them effectively. This collaborative approach not only fosters a positive school culture but also cultivates empathy, understanding, and collective responsibility for the well-being of students and those who guide them.


That’s why Creatively Focused is the go-to toolkit for supporting special education teams and general education settings in managing behavior. Offering practical and helpful strategies, Creatively Focused empowers educators to address student behavior and cultivate environments that foster learning and development.

Creatively Focused’s behavior course offerings include: 


1) From Paperwork to Practice: Student Behavior

2) Understanding Student Behavior

3) Bridging Research to Practice: Student Trauma

4) Do This Now: Behavior Prevention and Response Strategies

5) Collecting Behavioral Data

“Where can I find the courses?”


In axis3 –  your one-stop destination with a treasure trove of curated resources and workflow tools designed to support special education teachers, paraprofessionals, and administrators at every step of their journey.


From instant personal support that answers on-the-spot questions to timeline management assistance and cutting-edge professional development tools, axis3 is multifunctional to make educational professionals feel connected and like valued experts.


What sets axis3 apart is its innovative Cohorts feature, where special education teams can come together in unique spaces to connect, collaborate, and dive deeper into course learnings. 


It’s not just about gaining expertise; it’s about fostering a purposeful community and cultivating a culture of ongoing development.

Check out the latest behavior resources available in axis3:


ABC+ Data Collection

This data collection tool can be printed and used to collect information on a student’s target behaviors to identify patterns and inform interventions. Beyond the antecedent, behavior, and consequences, this form includes space for capturing the intensity, duration, and specific response of the adult and student.

Avoiding Challenging Behaviors in the Early Childhood Classroom

This resource provides strategies and practical tips for avoiding challenging behaviors in the early childhood classroom (Pre/K-3).

Behavior Plan: Annual Review Guidance

This resource supports special education teachers and the special education team with understanding the considerations and compliance requirements when reviewing and writing a behavior plan so that they can include compliant behavior plans to support students as part of their IEP.

Collecting Early Childhood Behavioral Data

This resource provides interventionists, special educators, and anyone else with a role to play in collecting early childhood behavioral data with age-appropriate data collection tools that can be used for Pre-K through Grade 3 students. 

Data Collection Tool: Transitions

This data collection tool is intended for educators to print and complete for any student who would like to collect data on the student’s ability to transition between tasks during the school day. This could be a student with an IEP goal for transitions, to collect data for a proposed transition goal, or for a student who struggles with transitions and for whom they would like to identify patterns so they can develop strategic interventions.

Helpful/ Hurtful Choices Chart

This resource is designed to support special education teachers with a visual chart they can use with students who are not making good choices.

Special Considerations for Developing Behavior Plans for Students with Autism

Behavior plans are not unique to students with autism, but there are things educators can consider to ensure the unique needs of students with autism are addressed and supported while avoiding forcing neurotypical expectations on them. 

Writing a Positive Behavior Support Plan: Step-by-Step Guide

This step-by-step guide supports special education teachers by providing detailed guidance on creating a positive behavior support plan for qualifying students.

Alternatives to Suspension

This resource supports educators and anyone involved in the discipline process with a list of practical alternatives to suspension.

Social and Emotional Curriculum Guide

A guide for teachers who are looking for comprehensive and/ or supplemental curricular materials to support student social and emotional learning that matches student need.


Are you ready to master behavior management and become an expert in your field? Discover the benefits of Creatively Focused today and gain access to on-demand guidance and support across various topics. Lighten your workload so you can focus on the essential work of supporting students with behavioral needs.