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Creatively Focused Unveils Groundbreaking Cohorts Feature and Strategic Integration

New Product Updates Provide Special Education Teachers, Paraprofessionals, and Administrators with a Unique Shared Learning Environment, Fostering Collaboration On Common Discussion Points While Offering Instant Personal Support

MENDOTA HEIGHTS, MN / November 30, 2023 / Creatively Focused, a Minnesota-based educator-driven technology company, today announced several new innovative product features including the launch of its Cohorts feature and strategic integration with EmbraceIEP®. This industry-first innovation directly addresses a notable void in the professional development arena, offering a unique solution to the limited opportunities for special education teams to connect and collaborate in shared learning spaces.

One of the biggest pain points educators face is the feeling of isolation in their work. To address this point, Creatively Focused has developed Cohorts to bring together educators with a common purpose. This new feature aims to make end-users feel valued by facilitating a collaborative environment where participants can either share their expertise or work together to support each other in their field.

“The addition of the Cohorts Feature marks a significant stride in empowering educators with the tools to not only build their expertise but also engage in a purposeful community that enhances their professional journey,” said Elizabeth Orme, founder and CEO of Creatively Focused. “By cultivating a culture of ongoing development, we are shaping a brighter future for educators and the students they inspire.”

This groundbreaking addition redefines professional learning and connection within the user-friendly axis3 platform, which serves as a comprehensive resource center, connecting special education teachers, paraprofessionals, and administrators with instant personal support, task management assistance, and cutting-edge professional development tools.

The Cohorts feature elevates axis3’s capabilities by offering educators a dynamic, time-bound, and community-based space for collaborative professional growth, building connections around shared topics and experiences. This feature aligns with axis3’s broader initiative of learning pathways, providing educators with a structured, virtual group setting to enhance their expertise.

“The Cohorts feature directly tackles the challenge of isolation experienced by special education teams nationwide,” says Becky Vavrichek, VP of Product Development at Creatively Focused. “It’s a significant stride in easing their workload, reigniting their passion for teaching, and creating a more fulfilling and sustainable professional journey.”

With Cohorts, end users experience a sense of value, witnessing the Creatively Focused commitment to building their expertise and mitigating the isolation they feel in their work. The dedicated space for group discussions and group events also fosters community promotion, allowing members to support and elevate one another. Transparent engagement is ensured through the identification of cohort members and facilitators, while real-time messaging capabilities and dynamic Q&A functionality enrich the interactive learning experience.

In addition to the launch of the Cohorts feature, Creatively Focused announced its integration with EmbraceIEP®. EmbraceIEP® is a web-based IEP software that provides users with powerful IEP tools at their fingertips. This integration, implemented across the Clinton School District in Illinois, puts administrators and special educators at ease by automatically pulling the necessary core data into the axis3 dashboard. The result is a streamlined workflow that further helps achieve the intended student outcomes. As a pioneer in the market, Creatively Focused is one of the first to offer this seamless integration with Embrace.

“As we continue to push the boundaries of educational technology, the integration with Embrace underscores our commitment to providing special education teams with a more comprehensive tool for IEP management,”Anne Marie Pfaender, Vice President of Growth at Creatively Focused. “This integration reinforces our unwavering commitment to lead the way in educational technology that automates workflows and streamlines processes to achieve desired student outcomes.”

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