Are you passionate about creating safe, creative spaces for students, teachers and administrators? Do you live to innovate, think outside the box and bring your ideas to life? We may have a career for you. At Creatively Focused our people are our culture –and we’re looking for talented, driven individuals to enrich it and take it new places.
But what does a Creatively Focused person look like?

For starters, it is a person who:


  • Reflects on their experiences and uses them to creatively impact the schools we serve
  • Enjoys people – all kinds of people – and puzzles out the best ways to bring them together
  • Is always hungry to learn new things and get the whole story
  • Is unafraid to ask questions, will go to any lengths to find the right answer and shares what they discover
  • Values a smart conversation as much as a smartphone
  • Is excited about their work
  • Looks into the unknown and sees the possibilities
  • Finds the strength in others and supports them every day; who can be patient and composed; who can have the hard conversations – who can spot risk, explain it, and propose solutions
  • Raises their hand to be the leader when no one else will; who leads with confidence rather than intimidation
  • Understands that being fearless means overcoming your fear to do the right thing
  • Thrives on change
  • Has their own definition of what it means to be a true educator
  • Is fun; who brings their whole self to work but still understands that life outside of work is just as important
  • Is flexible
  • Meets us where we are now – and helps move us forward
  • Makes time for self-care, care for others and always wants to be their best
  • Is a whiteboard thinker, a scribbler, a visionary and a dreamer