Need a little extra support? Try coaching.


Special education teacher coaching provides 1:1 support from a licensed special education teacher in the areas of due process, academic strategies and behavior systems. Sessions are scheduled by the teacher through an online scheduling system with the option to select the coach or expertise you need most. 15-minute, 30-minute, 45-minute and 60-minute sessions are available with times ranging from early morning to late evening. By the end of a session, teachers will feel valued, like an expert, and know they are not alone in their work.


SOS Coaching

We're here for you - even during the 8 minutes you have available on your prep! SOS sessions provide teachers to get the help they need when they need it. These 15-minute sessions pair you with a coach who specializes in the area you have questions in. Teachers use these sessions to double check their goals are measurable, confirm their understanding of an evaluation, and know they're on the right track!

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On-the-Job Coaching

Our team of special educators is able to support new and veteran teachers when the work becomes heavy. Offered in 30-minute and 60-minute sessions, on-the-job coaching allows teachers to access coaching when they need it most. Examples of sessions include support in writing an IEP, identifying the best instructional strategy to use for a new student, and developing a strong Behavior Intervention Plan. A coach who can help with your specific need is provided to you.

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Growth Coaching

Teachers are lifelong learners. Growth coaching supports educators in achieving their individual, professional goals. Coaches work with new and veteran teachers to identify their focus area for growth, create a learning plan together, and meet regularly to improve teacher and student outcomes. We'll be sure to pair each teacher with a coach that is right for them!

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Our Coaches

Kalin Schoephoerster

Special Education Growth Coach & Lead Resource Developer

With experience in working with minority and low-income populations, Kalin is driven to support students and teachers in reaching their potential.

Ariel Larpenteur

Special Education Growth Coach

With many years in blended resource room, co-teaching model, Ariel learned how to best serve student’s academic and social emotional needs.

Brittany Turner

Behavior Specialist and Federal III Program Specialist

Brittany is driven to create innovative solutions with school teams focused on preventing and responding to challenging student behaviors.

"I jot down all of my questions as they come up during the week and I really look forward to my coaching sessions because I know I'm going to get my answer...It is a breath of fresh air where I can get grounded again and think deeper about what it is I'm trying to do here."
– Ann Bexell, Special Education Teacher