In everything we do, we ensure teachers feel:


1) Valued 2) Like Experts and 3) Connected


Creatively Focused is increasing the retention rate of special educators.

In every project we work on, we are focused on RELATIONSHIPS, EXCITEMENT & CAPACITY.
We believe these to be three critical components to any project in education. Change is not easy. Our team of experienced administrators and content experts work closely with district teams to support the navigation of change from start to finish. While each project is unique and may vary in time, we know these three pieces are critical.

At Creatively Focused, we work with school and district teams to identify what success looks like if challenges were faced and problems were solved. Our Focused Cycle helps us to make sure we are collectively focused in the areas that will result in the most positive and sustainable impact for your district. Clear outcomes, strategies and pathways to success are communicated through our process resulting in increased student and teacher outcomes.