Struggling to figure out your daily schedule? Your partner’s schedule? Kids’ schedules?

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Supporting Schools

Through scheduled online sessions, our team of experts is here to support your teachers and administrators in planning, delivering and sustaining effective services for special education students. Districts already in contract may book sessions directly through their assigned coach.

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Open to any special educator or administrator, anywhere in the U.S.

Paraprofessionals play a critical role in special education. In order to support districts in providing worked hours and continued learning, Creatively Focused will provide a 6-week guided learning plan for paraprofessionals allowing for 3-6 hours per week of professional learning. Throughout all of the cohort, how to serve students through distance learning will be discussed and embedded into the learning. Participation will include:

  • One 30-minute Zoom meeting per week to connect with other paraprofessionals
  • Weekly e-mail with guided learning questions, resources and reflections

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Open to any paraprofessional, anywhere in the U.S.

Supporting Families

Shared resources are great, but the same daily schedule shared across the internet won’t work for all kids. Parents have a lot to figure out – daily schedules/routines, behaviors, addressing academics and socializing. Our team is specialized in all disability categories and is ready to help parents move from a place of being overwhelmed to a place of feeling calm and confident.

click here to contact us for a free, 15-minute support session with one of our team members and take a deep breath knowing we’re here to help you through YOUR unique circumstances.


Are you looking for concrete, practical and creative ways to work with and care for your child with special needs?
Join us! Weekly 30-minute webinars dictated by parent requests will be available, including topics like:

  • Creating Structure in Your Days
  • Responding to Behaviors
  • Changing Behaviors
  • Supporting Academics

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